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my manila getaway

last Febuary 22 to 27, i had my another opportunity to explore and visit Manila again! but this time, im with my classmates and friends. its been a great experience in which ive realized a lot of things and never-been-done-such-thing deeds in which i, too, cannot imagine i have had done those with so much adventure! i mean, for real ADVENTURE!

so here are my portfolios of some random shots i took during my manila escapade. :) sincerely taken with my Samsung point-and-shoot!

my day one. from Manila, we went to Quezon City via taxi to watch Its Showtime live. before entering the audience entrance at ABS-CBN, we had breakfast at 7eleven.

yes, i had an “unkabogable” experience, together with Its Showtime family, live!

dropped by the PBB house. and spotted Bianca on the set!

then we had jam-packed lunch at Tokyo Tokyo. their BAH-GAH aint a joke beybi!

i am really not a fan of riding this so called ferris wheel because i am totally afraid of heights. well i guess i have to fight that idea and did ride this thing! -_-

hello MOA from up up above :)

on my second day, it was our ENEDA… with other schools participated nationwide.

i met a new friend from Miriam College, hello Anj. :) i didnt expect we’d be having common stuffs to talk about! hope to see her someday or where ever or whenever!

so, what do you think ive learned form this workshop? hehe

this was my breakfast on my third day. getting ready for fun at enchanted kingdom. :)

buhay MRT. buhay maynila.

i like taking candid shots with some awesome people i see. /ninja moves click/


this was my fourth day. spent the whole day @ divisoria then at night @ robinsons ermita, with faj ang jackie.

dinner @ Karate Kid.

and ordered Beef Ramen. :3

my last day.

bought something @ teammanila :)

just so you know, when boredom strikes, you never fail to make foolish things around you. shh. they are sleeping zzZ

a few hours from now, well be leaving manila…

bi-polar weather.

seeing the sunset while in an airplane is just so awesome.

and last but not the least, my manila getaway wouldnt be complete without these such lovely macarons from French Baker. ohh-la-la.